Squatting Humanoid Rock Paintings and the Diffusion of Austronesian Ethnic Groups

Jian, Yu (2023) Squatting Humanoid Rock Paintings and the Diffusion of Austronesian Ethnic Groups. B P International, pp. 28-42. ISBN 978-81-19039-60-9

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The research on the origin and spread of the Austronesian group has always been the focus of debate in the academic circles, and Scholars have addressed it from the perspectives of language, ethnology, gene, archaeology, etc. Rock paintings are a projection of early human spiritual culture, while squatting humanoid rock paintings are a manifestation of a special human cultural phenomenon. In the present Pacific Austronesian distribution area and the disputed Ancient Austronesian distribution area in southern China, there have been a large number of squatting humanoid rock paintings with similar artistic styles. It is not a simple coincidence, but a relationship between the outside and the inside. The squatting humanoid rock paintings in the Austronesian distribution area are relatively scattered, and the number is not as large as that in South China, but in form it has a strong similarity with the rock paintings of South China, especially there are many accompanying symbols near the squatting humanoid rock paintings. We believe that these squatting humanoid petroglyphs come from the same source, and their distribution and chronology are highly coincident with the migration path of the Austronesian peoples.

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