Study on G x E Interaction of Sorghum Lines (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) for Grain Yield and Its Contributing Traits in Germplasm of Indore, India

Jamnotia, Charu and Saxena, Usha and Arora, Somya and Singh, Kirti and Singh, Jyoti and Baghel, Megha (2023) Study on G x E Interaction of Sorghum Lines (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) for Grain Yield and Its Contributing Traits in Germplasm of Indore, India. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 13 (11). pp. 2292-2299. ISSN 2581-8627

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The study was conducted to determine the stability of sorghum germplasm for grain yield as well as the amount and nature of genotype by environment interactions for grain yield in order to find and recommend stable high yielding variants. The trial was arranged in a randomized block design (RBD) in three replications. Germplasm were evaluated in 2 environments in Indore in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 in main cropping seasons. 60 sorghum germplasm was evaluated under Thirteen morphological traits viz., Days to 50% flowering, Days to maturity, plant height (cm), Number of leaves per plant at the time of flowering, Leaf length of 4th leaf (cm), Leaf width of 4th leaf (cm), Panicle length (cm), Panicle width (cm), No. of Primary branches per panicle, No. of grains per primary branch, Grain yield/Plant (g), Leaf Area of 4th leaf (cm²), 100 seed weight (g) were recorded for 3 randomly selected plants for each germplasm per replication. Linear regression model for stability suggested by Eberhart and Russell was employed. Genotype x Environment interactions were found significantly in similar trend for the traits namely, days to 50% flowering, number of leaves per plant, leaf length of fourth leaf, leaf width of fourth leaf, panicle length, panicle width, number of primary branches per panicle, number of grains per primary branch, leaf area of the fourth leaf, grain yield per plant and 100 seed weight. It shows consistent results over years. Genotype x Environment interaction also revealed that the genotype SEB12025 found consistent for primary branches per panicle, grain yield. The germplasm E- 246 found suitable for seed weight, panicle width, Width of fourth leaf. Apart from POP-18, POP 27-1, EC-6, ERN-32, Gird-30, Gird 33-1, VKG 34/47, VKG 34/37, ER-15, EC- 16, ER-1, SEB 12025, E-207, ER-21, Gird-36, EGN-1, E-207, ER-3, Gird-41, E- 284,E-246, ER-3,Gird-41,Gird-5,ERN-32,GGUB-20, ELG-25,Sor 86,NCC-1,E-246 and ELG-31 no genotypes found consistent for any of the character. The characters which were found stable for a particular genotype should further be improved to develop stable and high-yielding genotypes for sustainable production. More locations and years could be taken to obtain a database about genotype x environment interaction to draw a more valid conclusion.

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